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When one lives in Florida, their event possibilities are essentially limitless. With lively beaches, booming nightlife, and delicious cuisine all around, the Sunshine State is known for its ability to produce memorable events time and time again. Floridians are no slouches when it comes to throwing a killer event, especially when that event involves inviting a lot of people. However, with so many options to choose from, it may be difficult to know exactly what kind of event to have in Florida. Z Leo Events recognizes this and offers many different choices for their clients to pick from.


A wedding is meant to be a day of happiness through the symbolism of a mutual harmony, and is a day that couples will want to remember for the rest of their lives. At the same time, however, it also usually means a day of stress and considerable amounts of time and effort to ensure everything goes smoothly. This is where it would help to have an extra set of hands on deck, and Z Leo Events provides just that and more. When one reaches out to them regarding their wedding planning, they may choose either a full planning, a partial one, or a “day of” planning. A full planning involves the least amount of stress for couples as Z Leo Events will take care of everything and provide step-by-step guidance. If a couple would like to be in charge of the majority of their wedding but still prefer some assistance, the partial planning option is their best bet. And finally, the couple that wants to include professional values and expert recommendations on the day of their wedding should go with the “day of” event planning option.



Corporate events lean more toward general events, holidays, and conferences, giving priority to individuals such as clients or employees. Z Leo Events understands the significance of these types of events and will guarantee that their clients are able to fulfill their respective criteria at a reasonable price. They will go above and beyond in managing things like invitations and stationery, designs for cake and other desserts, party favors, rental services, and entertainment. Z Leo Events will assist in getting invitations, menus, signs, backdrops, and stationary ready. Cake and desserts must also look presentable yet professional at the same time, and they will ensure that a perfect balance of the two is achieved. Additionally, Z Leo Events will consider floral arrangements and decorate tables and chairs to perfection. Handing out favors to guests is like thanking them for coming to the event, and as such the item given should reflect that. Renting things such as equipment, accessories, loaders, chairs, and tablecloths may not be mandatory depending on one’s event, but in the case where it is required, Z Leo Events will bring only the best while also not going overboard regarding the budget. Last but not least, some form of entertainment is crucial to bring to the event as it will give guests one more reason to not leave out of potential boredom. Z Leo Events has connections to DJs, musicians, clowns, dancers, and much more.


Special Occasions

Special occasions should be memorable for everyone, whether it be a birthday, family reunion, retirement, anniversary, or the birth of a child. Z Leo Events knows this and accordingly personalizes the occasion in order to fit their clients’ specific needs. They will make one’s special occasion an event that will be worth remembering for all those that attend it, and will also take care of managing the event in the best way possible so that their clients are free from hassle of any kind.

Gallery and Testimonials

If one is still skeptical as to whether or not Z Leo Events will be able to live up to their event expectations, then they should take a look at the gallery and testimonials from satisfied clients. The gallery includes several pictures of successful events Z Leo Events was in charge of and how wonderfully each of them turned out. As for the testimonials, they are genuine words spoken by real people that left happy after entrusting their event to Z Leo Events, giving the highest praise to their services.

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